Gang station frequently I'm at it
Black rubber bands how I stack it
Addict, smell it through the plastic
Pull up on bikes and get at us

Just had told my trap girl
Everything for to grab me
Tap a bag, hey what's happenin
Bae circle back for some baggies

Gangsta shit I'm with that
Name be rangin got status
Drop a bag on yo lil bitch ass
Nuts be hangin with activ

Watch I let the roof down
Coupe I'm in panoramic
Bitch I'm with can't chew her food down
Threw her back on them addies

Chain swangin, bucket hatted when passin them up in traffic
Tatted bad, look when I'm actin I'm swaggin all on the camera

Push the button-
Change the channel then quickly remove thе panel
A picture worth a thousand words, I ain't ran through to cap shit

Metric ton a thousand birds, major wеight I can handle
Talking over niggas heads, too many not understanding

Stuff it in the wall, refabric resew the mattress
Jumping out the gym with the wrists doing gymnastics
Hit it with the blender for nigga feel like I'm taxin

She just got her body did, body kit on the Camry
Pull up by the body shop, tell her come get dismantled
Pull her hair, hit her from the back, throw that dick in her bladder

Gangsta and a gentleman, humble when out in public
As long as you respectful, won't demonstrate if you bump me
Accident forgiveness, clip in the glizzy full coverage
Respectfully disrespectful, my pants saggin I'm thuggin

Play with me, somebody die
Yea that's how I handle mine
Bun on top my shit I look like Bread Winner samurai

Snub nose up close in person, know it's MC Hammer time
Detox my liver and my kidney, milk thistle and dandelion
New Camaros parked in front the duplexes on Brandywine
The generator just ran out of gas, we under candle light

MAC-11, just like Florida Evans, this bitch dy-no-mite
Having us a good time in the project with that china white
I ain't got no beef out here, I know how to cancel mine
You ain't with it, stay inside
Me? I'm gon' handle mine
Everybody wanna be a gangsta 'til they family die
Bun on top your shit, you look like Bread Winner samurai


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