[Intro: Jenny Hval]
My, my

[Perfume Genius]
Set my heart on fire
Chain me to the dream
Turn the camera on
And leave

Begging like a dog
Ignore me
Ninety minutes long
Keep rolling

Barely holding on
I'm singing

What was my name (Now, now)

[Jenny Hval]
Hey, listener, and hi, Mike.‎
Thank you for letting me look at "Leave", it's a really beautiful song.‎
Remixing terrifies me, but I'm sitting here in my home studio and flicking through reverb effects on top of your vocal, and this I like.‎
It reminds me that when I was younger I started playing with reverb effects as a way to travel through space.‎
I was stuck in my home town, so the only way I could get away was through sending my voice or my guitar through this effects box that I bought at a music store. It had different reverbs and I could sound like I was in a tunnel, or in the mountains; in a small cave, or in a concert hall in some cooler country. The effects made me feel like I was travelling, and now I'm back here, effects-travelling, you could say, instead of really travelling.‎
Well, thank you for letting me travel with you. To you? With you.‎