Welcome friends! Hello foe’s
Thought my story was over, book closed?
Think again, we’re no where close
My eyes are open, cheers, we toast
I am mother fucking ghost (he’s a ghost!)

My heart beat blanked, through the ground I sank
I met a driver, his name was Hank
Told me we were on the way, when I asked to where
He said, “Can’t say,"
"he himself decides your fate,"
"I’ll drop you off right in front of the gates”

A roller coaster kind of night
My whole life right in plain sight
Saw my mom, held her hand
Couldn't wait to hug her in the promised land
A Rush of love, flight of doves
I must be trippin', what a drug

Am I going to heaven or hell?
A question I have always asked myself

Brittle Bones Nicky
You were crafty and tricky
It’s said that you were gold
It’s said that you were gold!

Welcome, welcome Nicky
Welcome to heaven! (Welcome to heaven)

Door's open up, I was ushered in
Hank said "Good luck to ya, kid"
A sign on the door, it read "fate"
Two arrows pointing to two gates
I'm a shoe-in, I don't hate

Got laughed right in my fucking face
"No kid, you made many mistakes"
"Started with the pie to Shifty's face"
"Go be with your mates, scoundrels, fakes"
"You pay for sins in my place"
Mom looked on, without a trace
I was cast away, thrown, hell’s gate
Said “this ain’t fair, you dealt those cards
I made the most of a terrible start”
No voice came back, laughs from the pack
Spit on my shoes, & clawed at my back

I guess I belong in hell
Is god the devil himself?

Brittle Bones Nicky, you're not crafty or tricky
You're a son of a bitch, you're alone
Welcome to your new home

It was a fucking zoo, rotting in spew
Caged, a bird, bruised black and blue
Cried “I gotta get out of this place”
I heard a voice “only one way”
It was Ben, it’d been years
Saved him from the three musketeers
Man I was happy to see his face
"I owe you one, I'll help you out of this maze"
“Approach the devil, with venomous grace
Tell him you’ll fuck with the human race
He may let you out, as a Ghost, a pawn
To scare the shit out of who you want
If you serve time, do despicable crimes
The devil might let you into heaven in time
Lines right there for you to plead, say a prayer
Get on your knees”

I gotta get outta this hell
Would you sell your soul to save yourself?

I’m not gonna, get pushed around
I’m not going down, down, down! (Down!)
I’m not going down!

“Come on in, take a seat”
He was turned around, only saw his feet
The voice I knew, I’d just heard
He turned around, it was God, he slurred
“Surprised? Most of em’ are
I’m Mufasa, and I’m Scar”
Lily white shit gets old and trite
Now tell me why you’re in my sight”
“I’ll make you a deal, if I can’t close
Banish me to the down below
I’m crafty and tricky
Millions of people dig me

Let me go back, make people crack
If I do you right, grant me a pass
To see my mom, and watch her back”

Brittle Bones Nicky
He was crafty and tricky
That son of a bitch was gold!
Ya that son of a bitch was gold!

So here I am, not quite a man
But I always got a game plan
I’ll ruffle feathers, fuck with folks
But you know me, I’m a good bloke


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