I mean I'm just—
I'm saying I am human
Real shit

[Verse 1]
I shoulda known you had a motive (For real)
You dealing with the pain, but you can't control it (Yeah!)
Alleged son here, yeah I see y'all noticed (Ya heard?)
These women hurt me bad, that's why my heart the coldest (Woah!)
I woke up and read some more bullshit (What you read?)
I see they leaking audio, that's what the news is (Ha)
Clock-chasing at its finest, and y'all see that (Y'all know it)
Tryna come up off my name, and y'all believe that!
So I just play cool when I don't react (Never!)
I just hit the blunt then I rеlax (For real)
Lawyers involved, monеy she saw
Gotta have better judgement, fuck it I'll take a loss (I eat that!)
And why the fuck y'all always in my business (Why y'all in it?)
There's better things to focus on, like all these cop killings
Shit y'all wondering what I'm doing, like it pay your bills (It don't)
And if you hatin', suck my dick, man that's how I feel (It's real)
Niggas tryna troll me like it bother me (It don't)
Can never knock me out my slot, this ain't no lottery (Jackpot)
This is what we come to (What?)
Women sellin' fake stories to The Shade Room
Y'all too busy caught up in the matrix (Y'all is)
I'm out here in the real world, ducking and dodging cases
Price you pay when you famous (Fuck me)
Couple deals on the table, they throwing bags on me (They did!)
Rumor surface and that's when they turn back on me
(That's fucked up)
One door closes but then another opens (Facts)
One bad girlfriend fucked up my focus
Still think about you, shit I don't even hate you (I don't)
You had to do what you had to do, girl I can't blame you (You ain't got it bro [?])
Skeletons in my closet, yeah I walk with death (For real)
I'm 45 with the comeback, I ain't lost a step (Jordan)
Oh look, now they wanna cancel me (Can't do that)
I Harlem shake that bullshit off, come dance with me (Hahaha)
All the money in the world can't buy peace of mind (Yeah!)
Niggas pocket-watching with they hands in mine (Yeah!)
Having bad days, my uncle Snoop done hit my line (What?)
Just to check up on his nephew, makin' sure I'm fine (Good Unc)
Real love Dogg is hard to find these days (It is though)
So I stay to myself, 'cause that's the safest place
Shy askin' about a brother, I don't know what to say (I don't)
That's gon' be one of them talks that we have face to face
I'm lookin' in his eyes, I'm tryna see me in them (I'm lookin')
I'm peepin' out on his swag and I see no resemblance
Seen the boy three times, shit why would I lie?
Maybe moms would bring him through just so we spend some time (I'm lookin' out)
And if he mine, shit you know I'm steppin' up
Kobe set that example, you know I set my blessings up
I told you dealing with me, was gon' be hard to do (Facts)
We both caught in this storm, but we gon' make it through (We is)
Mama call light Shad; "Do me a favor"
Keep your dick out of these broke hoes that wanna be famous
I got you mom dukes, I don't know how I'm still here after the shit I've been through
Ohio born, ATL raised me
I ain't from this new era (What?) I'm a 80s baby (For real)
Feet out the car, no doors on a Slingshot
It's Georgetown, Jersey, number three, and some Reebok's (AI)
Twenty Lambo's back to back, we got the streets locked
Take a jet to L.A., just to hit the weed shop
And we don't do TSA, we leavin' with the whole pack
Said they want that real shit, well I ain't gon' hold back


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