Yeah, it's DreamTeam man
Yeah, it's LAROI man
Yeah, it's [?] on 'em
Uh, fuck drip time, its a real time, boy

Seen a lot of shit since you was ever here
Been to places you ain't ever been
Been to hell and back, not even thirteen
Been workin' for a long time
It was streets, yeah, now it's [?]
Fuck your drip time, it's a real time
Fired more shots than a big [?]
On that [?] I'm goin' overnight
Stayin' overnight, took your family out
Yeah, overnight, only pay my bands
With a [?]
I'm checkin' over-rhymes, fuck [?]
[?] set you up on a gloomy night
Bang, bang, street, where the sewer tie
Next dеstination like a Uber ride
Lеave this crib and you gon' flip her to the other side yeah
Stop talkin' 'bout friends place
You ain't even in the fuckin' race
Twelve years old, you better [?] tear this roof out of the place
Next, [?] call me Peter Pan
Age one-three bro, where's the man
When you hear this, you be sayin' "Damn man, this kid could rap"
And I have all the fuckin' fans to back it up
Show em up, bump your hands
Addicted to the rappin'
I'm boutta relapse, I'm in good form, I got perfect sets
Eminem ain't use that 'cause you suicidal when you hit his rap
Like this or like that
Click-clack back you just got murdered bitch
Hope you won't [?] a hurry
Got the shots like Steph Curry
Go for free never miss
So don't you worry
I ain't sorry if I finessed
[?] you a soft-ass McFlurry
Fuck around in your [?] we'll be fuzzy
I got the flow
I hope that you know
It ain't gon' be good
If you playin' around with the big toys
I'm just one of you [?]
If you ain't about it, don't do it
If they catch you
This ain't a threat, it's the truth boy
(This ain't a threat, it's the truth boy)
(Fuck drip time, it's a real time)
(Fired more shots than a big [?])

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