[Intro: Raekwon]
Yeah (stop breathing like that man)
Uh huh, just slide in the back
It’s right there for you pa, go get that man, it’s right there (niggas is thirsty man)

[Verse: Raekwon]
I’m like a tame wolf when it come to fighting these pits
We see grub yo, vulture juice spray on my dick
A acrobat, holding two MACs, it’s all in my width
High times got the dimes in the hood, we gotta hit
Larger than ice, carve niggas’ domes with knifes
And cuddle thousands of birds and roll ‘em in rice
All that’s more [?]
2017 with the Swiss cheese at-bats, throwing hollow caps
The mansions were big, bottles of [?]
I only rock lambskins, y’all pussies is cats
What now? Hunt nothing down, it's all threaded
Watch us makе a fly sweater, y’all bettеr run, you ready?
Jewelry take it off, that's me killer, you know the drill
Keep quiet, stand still, chill, slide me a bill
I'ma do it for my niggas lost in Rikers
Now they got spikers, just make it home on the real
Ayo my slang go in convulsions
If you know the time it’s like Love Potion No. 9 for niggas who crying
I study the best and dusty the bowl
And anything between the line, Escobar the magnetic Boy George rhyme
Run a rep for the strongest, from here to VA
VA to PA, some shot niggas up for lying
This belongs in the veteran’s book, of writing wrongs
Let it live catch gray hairs, y’all stepping stone dons
I’m implying that these young boys, keep eyeing
Black some can’t hustle ‘cause they stay wining and dining
Up the wrong hole, ceiling get tapped
Don’t off-road just like BMW’s, Range’s and Land Rove’s


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